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Could a change in the life of a young criminal be brought about ? Yes definitely. One gets release from the prison sooner or later but freedom from utter ignorance, social evils and quagmire of poverty is not possible. These are the main reasons through which one becomes a criminal and had to go behind the bars. There are, at present, about 1300 young criminals in 32 jails of Punjab. Their numbers varies. A survey carried out on these guilty youngsters revealed that 80% of them had became offenders accidentally and want a change in their lives. The remaining 20% are professionals criminals. Te lives of these 80% delinquents can, thus, be changed by giving them proper psychological, educational, religious and social treatment. 'REHAI' has undertaken this task and has succeeded to a great extent in this uphill social work.

No human Soul is culprit by birth. Unfavorable circumstances, acute poverty, illiteracy and ignorance, and be a part of the criminal world.

About 55,000 people are right now imprisoned in several jails of Punjab. Conducting extensive research into the cases of these prisoners reveals that they have fallen the victims of unequal distribution of wealth, revenge taking and violence of the feudal system.


The idea of establishing REHAI schools was originally given in 1995 by an 11 years old youngster Durri Khan undergoing imprisonment in Kot Lakhpat Jail. The idea was applauded and commended and some journalists, advocates, psychologists and philanthropists came forward and joined hands to established the first REHAI educational vocational school.

The first educational and vocational REHAI school was inaugurated in 1999. More then 600 students have passed the primary School Examination under its supervision till date.

More than 250 students have been imparted vocational training under the umbrella of this school, regarding tailoring, chair- knitting and Book Binding etc. In addition, these juveniles are groomed morally as well, so that they can avoid the incentives given by the criminal world, once they go back to the public after completing their punishment.

The 2nd school was inaugurated in May 2000 by the former Law Minister. The inaugural ceremony was attended by IG Prisons Major Zia-ul- Hassan, DC Sheikhupura Ahmed Nawaz Suchera, SSP Sheikhupura Saud Aziz, Film star Mustafa Qureshi, chairman REHAI Mr. Munno Bhai and other elites of the society. Twenty one juveniles of petty cases were set free on that day. At present, 350 juveniles and 42 women along with their 7 children are enrolled in these two schools of REHAI, All these are the prisoners of kidnapping, adultery, Murder, Theft and Dacoity. This strength leaps on changing from time to time.

The Third school was inaugurated on 23rd of march 2008 in Dist Jail Kasur, where 100 child prisoners and 22 women along with their 5 children are getting educational and vocational training in "REHAI educational & vocational School".


Syeda Farah Hashmi and Adeel Niaz Sheikh joined Journalism as a Career immediate after passing out the Graduation Examination. The Editor of an Urdu "Daily Sadaaqat", Munno Bhai, who is a famous column write as well, assigned Farah and Adeel to do an investigative story for the newspaper about the child prisoners. During their assignment they got closed to the child prisoners and felt story for them in 1999.

An 11 years old Durri Khan, who was convicted for an illegal border crossing developed friendly attitude  towards the two journalists. Farah and Adeel, being the Human Rights Advocates seek a legal aid for him and ultimately succeeded for setting him free from the imprisonment. Since Durri Khan remained sick most of the times, hence after his liberation from the jail, they took him to the doctor and came to know that the boy had got infected his three valves of the heart. The two journalists requested a renowned heart surgeon Dr. Sheryar to operate the sick boy. Unfortunately the boy expired. It was an unbearable shock for Farah and Adeel. The death of the poor Durri initiated them to inaugurate a school in the jail where the child prisoners can be educated about their rights. The school will also be responsible for moral and ethical training of the child prisoners so on freeing from the jail they can spend a respectable life in the civilized societies rather than becoming the professional criminals. 

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